Whenever you are involved in an auto accident life can feel stressful. Here at CopperWell we want to help take some of that stress away. We accept all open and active personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. It is one of our specialties helping guide patients through the world of PIP. Many offices do not understand the ever change world of insurance and our office makes it a priority to attend trainings to help you in your biggest time of need without winding up with large bills. We will be honest and open with you along the whole course of your treatment because we believe in make you feel better and not following a cookie cutter plan after an auto accident of any size. You should not be living in the Chiropractic and Massage office, you should be out living your life.

No matter the size of the accident (even a tiny fender bender can cause a lot of pain or underlying conditions) please call our office with any questions.